We Can Help Fund Your Charter School

Working exclusively with charter schools, we know there are two foundational elements for success – financial stability and the freedom to focus on educational programs. We help charter school leaders around the country by providing access to the resources necessary for stability and growth. Whether your charter is growing enrollment, expanding facilities, implementing new programs, hiring teachers, or has other operational needs, Charter School Capital has the resources to help. Our team will work with you to plan for growth and replication, streamline cash flow and other operational needs, and finance facilities expansion. All this so you stay focused on what’s most important – educating your students.

Investing in Charter Schools

Our core mission is to invest in you, charter school leaders so you can provide high quality educational options in your communities. There are 7,000 charter schools across the country educating 3 million students. Yet, more than 1 million students remain on charter waiting lists. Access to more money allows charter schools to increase charter school enrollment, replicate quality programs and access the facilities that deliver quality charter school education.

Your Success Is Our Success

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Why Choose Charter School Capital As Your Funding Partner?

  • Pioneering Growth

    Charter School Capital pioneered the receivable sales model to the charter space allowing schools to access working and growth capital based on student attendance. This is not a loan and the access to available funds grows as the student attendance grows. This is a reliable and flexible option for growth capital.

  • Facilities Financing

    One of the top challenges facing charters today is access to facilities financing. More than half of charters will outgrow their current facilities within five years. Charter School Capital now provides access to an initial $500 million pool of financing that helps free-up resources schools can allocate to classroom instruction or other operational needs.

  • Roughly 95% of Schools Qualify

    Launched in 2006, Charter School Capital has provided more than $800 million in fundings supporting 450+ charter schools educating 450,000 students nationwide. Most schools qualify for this type of growth capital.

  • Only Serve Charter Schools

    Unlike a bank or other sources of money, we understand your mission is to educate children, not worry about making payroll or planning and financing your facilities. We only work with charter schools and have done so since our inception in 2006. You benefit from our collective experience and the experiences of all the charters we work with.

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