California Prop 39 Deadline for Charter Schools
California’s Prop 39 zero-cost energy upgrades can yield charter schools up to 40% reduction in ongoing utility costs. The State of California has generously allocated $55k-$500k+ to every California charter school for energy upgrades.
So far, only 40% of schools have taken advantage of the program. We think the reason for low participation is either:

  • Schools think this is the previous Prop 39 – which had nothing to do with energy upgrades, or
  • Schools believed that if they didn’t own the building, they could not participate in the program

Not only can any charter school participate; but – in some cases – you can bill the program for upgrades that have been implemented in the past.
We believe in the program so much that our affiliated real estate arm is supporting upgrades on 100% of our properties in California.
The program is simple and we can help
All that is required is to 1) invite a qualified energy consultant (we can help you get in touch) into your school for an energy audit; and 2) provide them with your last 12 months of utility bills, and that’s it.
The audit you’ll get back will include:

  • Projected costs (which you can pay for with your allocation)
  • Projected savings on your utility bill every month
  • A non-intrusive implementation plan so your students and teachers are not interrupted

This is a great program, but your allocation will evaporate on February 26th 2018 if you have not filed the paperwork (the energy consultant will do this for you). You would have 2+ years to actually conduct the upgrade.
We can help you look up your allocation, provide you with energy auditor contacts, answer your questions and provide contacts at the California Dept. of Ed and Energy Commission.
Thanks. Let’s talk. And soon.
Charlie Burrows
Charter School Capital

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