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Charter Schools Face Facilities Challenges

Access to appropriate facilities and the funds to pay for them remain big obstacles for charter school expansion today. More than one million students are on charter school waiting lists across the country. One reason for this points to facilities needs. With only 12% of charters able to qualify for a bond, many are left […]

Five Florida Schools Acquired With Charter School Facilities Financing

Charter School Capital is excited to announce that its facilities arm, American Education Properties (AEP), has acquired five Florida charter school facilities, securing long-term occupancy and opportunity for the schools’ expansion via charter school facilities financing. β€œIt is immensely gratifying to positively impact the future of 4,065 students in a single transaction,” said Stuart Ellis, […]

New year, new charter school facilities financing knowledge

It’s a new year and time for garnering new facilities knowledge for charter school leaders. Join us for our upcoming facilities webinar chock full of information useful to help charter schools make decisions about their facilities needs. Register today! Access to adequate facilities remains one of the biggest challenges charter leaders face today. We will […]

Facebook Live Session Now on Growth Strategy and Facilities Financing. Join us!

Join us on Facebook Live for Growth Strategy and Facilities Financing knowledge with: Dr. Darlene Chambers, Senior Vice President for Programs and Services at the National Charter Schools Institute Mike Morley, President and CEO American Charter Development Clint Satow, Vice President of Operations Performance Academies Stuart Ellis, President and CEO Charter School Capital

Charter school funding options

Across the country, today’s charter schools need better access to charter school funding for working capital and facilities financing at all stages of growth. Having reliable sources of charter school funding when needed allows schools to hire teachers, purchase textbooks, upgrade classroom technology, and expand the school’s facilities footprint so charter leaders can focus on […]

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Charter Schools Face Facilities Challenges

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