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Working exclusively with charter schools, we measure our success by the number of students we serve. Our mission is to provide school leaders access to the financial and other charter school resources they need
– whether it’s operational capital, growth funding, or facilities expansion.

Since our founding, we’ve been able to provide over $1.6 billion in funding to more than 600 charter schools across our nation and most importantly, to serve over 800,000 students. We’re proud to provide the reliability and stability charter leaders require as they embark on their journey to educate more students today—and in the future.

If you need funding, complete our online application or contact us for more information about our funding types.

What Customers are Saying

Charter School Funding Options

Working Capital

Charter School Capital provides flexible funding solutions so charter schools can gain ground and achieve success. Our charter school working capital financing enables school leaders the flexibility and stability to support everyday expenses and – importantly – fuel their growth.

We help charter schools access working capital so they can:

  • Expand or grow programs
  • Open a new charter school
  • Enhance facilities – with labs, gyms, etc.
  • Provide new technology in the classroom
  • Hire and/or develop staff
  • Address budget shortfalls and delays (deferrals, holdbacks, etc.) gracefully
  • Improve transportation options
  • Enrich educational programs
  • Buy new equipment

Facilities Financing

Our facilities financing product is a long-term lease that allows schools to access funding through all stages of growth – from start-up to expansion through maturity. As a long-term partner, our team works closely with you as we explore budgetary and financial options to support your facilities needs.

Why long-term lease financing?

  • You can finance 100% of project costs
  • You can retain control of your facility
  • You can plan on long-term affordability
  • You can enhance your existing building or finance new construction
  • Your lease can be customized to your school’s model – whether blended learning, traditional, etc.
  • Tenant improvements can be financed in your lease
  • Can be used as take-out financing for an existing bond or potential bridge to bond financing

We currently own 42 school properties in 11 states*, more than $350 million in assets. Schools range in attendance from 135 to 1,200 students with educational programs that include college preparatory, art-focused, STEM schools, and others. Our goal is to aid charter leaders so they have accessible, flexible financing options to meet their schools needs today and the needs they have in the future.

If you need help with charter school facilities expansion, financing, site design and selection, or facility development, our team of experts is here to help you with a needs assessment.

If you would like to download the Charter School Capital Product PDF, click the button below.

States We Support

While our facilities funding program is national, our working capital product is specifically offered in Arizona, California, Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, and Ohio – with many new states joining the list in 2018.

If you need funding, complete our online application or contact us for more information about our funding types.

 *CSC acquires charter school properties in conjunction with American Education Properties and other affiliates.





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