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Charter School Energy Powered by BioStar Renewables is a full-service energy upgrade program with flexible financing options. This program allows charter schools to access energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for their buildings—­­improving the learning environment while reducing utility and maintenance expenses.

Charter School Energy enables school leaders to greatly reduce energy costs and enhance student learning environments through improved lighting, HVAC and thermostat upgrades and building controls. Renewable solutions such as solar allow the school to offset some or all of the building’s remaining energy consumption.


    • Energy upgrade and renewable energy solutions provided by Charter School Energy will ensure that the charter school’s overall investment is less than what they would spend to use and maintain existing systems.
    • Smart Lighting– Provides the ability to control lighting and impart a different atmosphere in any room, at any time, from anywhere with an Internet connection, thereby enhancing both the classroom experience and the security of the building.
    • Solar Window Film – Solar window film deflects up to 80% of solar heat in the summer, and retains the building’s heat in the winter, improving comfort and reducing utility costs.
    • Heating / Cooling and Controls – Smart thermostats, building controls, HVAC upgrades, and occupancy sensors ensure maximum comfort, while increasing efficiency.
    • Reduced need for energy consumption will relieve the power grid and reduce the carbon footprint of the school.
    • Schools will be able to illustrate best practices in energy efficiency and renewable energy on campus, serving as educational case studies for their staff and students.


Charter School Capital logoCharter School Capital has provided more than $1.8B in financing to more than 600 Charter Schools and served over 1,000,000 students across the country. Our mission is to give school leaders access to the resources necessary for schools, and their students, to thrive.

BioStar Renewables is a turnkey energy efficiency and renewable energy developer that has completed projects in 35 states across the country comprising more than 1,000 megawatts of solar, biomass, and combined heat and power. Learn more about BioStar Renewables.


Charter School Capital and BioStar Renewables are each committed to making the world a better place for students by assuring that the schools in which they learn are well-funded and energy-efficient.

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More questions about how the program works? Download this Charter School Energy information sheet or visit our Charter School Energy FAQs page

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