Medicaid Entitlements

Charter School Medicaid Powered by PCG—the Nation’s largest Medicaid Billing organization—can ease the administrative burden to help make your school-based Medicaid programs both efficient and most importantly compliant, so you can recover the reimbursements to which you are entitled.

Streamline Reimbursements

Streamline Reimbursements

Streamline the reimbursement and compliance process with our technology and billing service platform

Ensure Compliance

Ensure Compliance

Leverage our team of national experts and skilled and knowledgeable local staff to ensure compliance

Optimize Growth

Optimize Growth

Recoup costs on services provided so you can hire/retain staff and provide even more resources

Access Key Resources

Access Key Resources

Receive clear reporting, online training resources, virtual help desk support

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A Single Solution for Your Medicaid Reimbursements

Charter School Capital has partnered with PCG, the Nation’s largest Medicaid Billing organization, to provide schools with a single solution for all aspects of the Medicaid billing process—from the tools for capturing the required documentation of delivered services to the submission and processing of Medicaid claims. We can help ease the administrative burden and make your school-based Medicaid programs both efficient and compliant!

To learn more, click the button to download our Medicaid Entitlements PDF.


Additional School-based Medicaid Resources

For more information on school-based Medicaid services, go to:

In order to access Medicaid reimbursement, the following MUST be in place:

  1. The child must be determined eligible for special education services, and have an IEP;
  2. The child must be eligible for and enrolled in Medicaid;
  3. The child must have medically necessary related services on his/her IEP, such as speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy and/or counseling; and,
  4. The school must be a recognized provider of Medicaid services.

The Charter Leader’s Definitive Guide to Budgeting Best Practices

  • Learn how to plan for long-term financial health
  • Find out how to achieve buy-in and set internal controls
  • Understand key financial metrics to watch
  • Utilize tips on cash flow planning and more!
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