Working Capital

Charter School Capital provides flexible funding options so charter schools can gain ground and achieve success. Our reliable charter school working capital financing solutions enable school leaders the stability to support everyday expenses and fuel their growth.

Cover Expenses

Cover Expenses

Access stable, reliable, and flexible funding that aligns with your school’s cash flow needs

Accelerate Growth

Accelerate Growth

Add and train additional staff, support new educational programing, support increased enrollment

Improve Infrastructure

Improve Infrastructure

Provide better transportation solutions, enhance your building, implement school safety/security measures

Purchase Technology

Purchase Technology

Upgrade or add technology offerings that meet the needs of the modern classroom and 21st century student

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Reliable and Flexible Funding

Our receivable sales product is a reliable and flexible transactional process, pioneered by Charter School Capital for charter schools, that provides access to capital needed to support operations, fill budget gaps, enhance facilities, expand or grow programs, hire and/or develop staff, improve school safety/security, improve transportation options, purchase new equipment/technology, or meet other financial obligations. If you’re interested in learning more about how receivable sales can be beneficial to charter schools, download our handy datasheet below.


Now Offering - Bridge Financing

Charter School Capital is constantly innovating solutions to support charters at all stages of growth. As such, we have created a solution to cover up to 100% of-bond financing costs, without requiring schools to tap into cash reserves. Our bridge financing solution can be provided for terms of up to three years.


The Charter School Growth Manual

  • Learn what defines each stage of charter school growth (startup, growth, sustainable maturity)
  • Understand the biggest reason for charter school closures
  • Find out how to conquer challenges at all stages of development
  • Gain best practices for charter school success and sustainability
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Our Charter School Advisors

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New COVID-19 Relief Financing for Charter Schools

One month of your state’s school funding allocation in your account now, to access as you need, at no cost through the remainder of the year – in as few as five days from completion of the application process.

Free financing for the rest of 2020. No costs, no fees, no interest. You pay zero.