Linking Charter Schools to Available Funds.

Charter schools looking to grow or facing budget shortfalls and delays turn to charter school grants and other non-profit and government resources for additional funding. However, the expertise and expense required to access these resources can be overwhelming. Charter schools often don’t have the staff to take on grant research and writing, therefore miss out on dollars that would greatly benefit their schools and students.

Charter School Capital can improve a school’s success rate when it comes to seeking out, applying for and receiving these types of financial awards. Charter School Capital’s team has the proven expertise you need to navigate the complexities in developing additional resources, obtaining charter school grants, and helping you understand compliance terms once funds are awarded.

Here’s a look at how we can help.

  • Perform needs assessment
  • Research grant and other funding opportunities
  • Eliminate up front costs associated with grant applications
  • Identify charter school grants and donors that align with charter school program goals
  • Satisfy implementation requirements such as grant compliance and reporting documentation

The more dollars a charter school has to operate, the more they can focus on helping students learn. This service is one of many from Charter School Capital to ensure schools have the resources they need to make a great education a reality.

If your charter school is interested in how Charter School Capital can help facilitate grant and other funding opportunities, please fill out the form below. While you’re waiting to hear back from our team, take a second to view and download all the great content from our webinar series

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