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Charter Schools Face Challenges Nationwide.

Charter School Capital supports charter schools nationwide with working and growth capital and facilities financing. Whatever the challenge, our team is here to provide you with resources to deliver high-quality educational programs to your students.

Working and Growth Capital

Charter schools across the country face operating issues on all fronts from accessing capital, growing student enrollment, facilities expansion, technology upgrades, potential state budget shortfalls, and other cash flow impacts. Many states continue to cut budgets and delay payments, further impacting school programs and educational outcomes. We realize the importance of planning – whether for growth or to maintain operations during budget shortfalls and delays. We make accessing needed capital easy, so you can focus on delivering quality education to your students.

Charter School Capital has been providing working and growth capital funding to charter schools in ArizonaCaliforniaIndianaFloridaNorth Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio.

Facilities Financing Options Nationwide

Access to state-of-the-art facilities is one of the top challenges charter schools face today. With more than 1 million students on charter school wait lists, more readily available facilities financing will boost charter school growth. We provide facilities financing in all states that have charter law.

Does your current facility meet the needs of todays students? Will it meet their needs in the future? Do your classrooms match the quality of your educational program? Let us help you reach and teach more students. Our team helps charter leaders assess needs related to facilities expansion, budgeting, facilities development, along with the facilities financing to make it happen.

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