California Charter School Funding

Charter School Capital has been helping charter schools in California since 2007 with charter school financing, including working and growth capital and facilities financing options. California was our team’s initial focus and we helped charter leaders navigate through the state’s massive deferrals.

Today, planning for deferrals has become a part of the budgeting process for California charter schools. If not managed carefully, the impact is on educational programs and teachers. For many charter schools in California, partnering with Charter School Capital has not only helped them bridge the funding gap so they keep teaching children instead of cutting curriculum and teachers – they are able to plan for growth and expand. These schools look toward the future focusing on the types of educational enrichment, technology upgrades, facilities expansion, and staff additions to provide high-quality education.

Apply now. You can also contact us at or call 877-272-1001 to see how Charter School Capital can secure financing for California charter schools like yours.

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