Working Capital

Education Is Your Focus. Providing Charter Schools Funding Is Ours.

We empower charter schools. We deliver the operational and facilities financing resources your school needs to be stable and grow. By providing access to the working and growth capital needed, school leaders are able to focus on what they do best – educate students.

Our charter school working capital financing enables school leaders the flexibility and stability for everyday expenses including payroll, hiring, facilities enhancements, technology, books, and other operating expenses. We understands the pressures you face and can help you navigate challenging financial and operational territory in running your charter school.

Cash flow challenges exist for any organization. Whether your school is growing student enrollment, expanding facilities, implementing new educational programs, or facing budget shortfalls and delays, Charter School Capital provides the right type of funding solution so charter schools can gain ground and achieve success.

We’ve funded more than $1.5 billion to charter schools across the country. With access to working and growth capital, these schools were able to maintain their programs and grow. With our assistance to 550+ charter schools, more than 650,000 students have been able to attend their local charter school and get the quality education they deserve.

We help charter schools access working and growth capital for:

  • Expansion and growth of programs and people
  • Opening a new charter school
  • Facilities enhancements
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Staff hiring and development
  • Budget shortfalls and delays (deferrals, holdbacks, etc.)
  • Transportation needs
  • Education program enrichment
  • Necessary equipment

If you need access to working and growth capital, fill out the form below and one of our team members will get back to you quickly. In addition, you can view and download all the great content from our webinar series.